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Our Mission

At Northshore Gutters & Patios, LLC, our mission is to enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of your property through expert awning, patio cover, and gutter solutions. With a foundation built on family values and a deep-rooted commitment to our community, we have been serving the Loranger, LA area since 2002.

Family Legacy: Founded as a secondary business by Anthony and Karen Manzella, Northshore Gutters & Patios, LLC embodies the dedication and work ethic that have been passed down through generations. Our legacy is defined by hard work, passion, and a sincere commitment to providing top-notch services.

As we move forward, our vision remains clear: to be the premier choice for awning, patio cover, and gutter solutions in Loranger, LA, and beyond. We will continue to deliver excellence, uphold our family values, and contribute positively to the communities we serve.

Our Objective

At Northshore Gutters & Patios, LLC, our overarching objective serves as the cornerstone of our identity and operations. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and community engagement, we have crafted a set of principles that guide every aspect of our business, whether we're enhancing the outdoor spaces of residential homes or optimizing the functionality of commercial properties. Our mission is to deliver top-tier services that transform, protect, and beautify spaces, fostering lasting connections with our valued clients and communities.

Craftsmanship Excellence: Our artisans take immense pride in their work, viewing each awning installation, patio cover creation, and gutter solution as a testament to their skill. With meticulous attention to detail, we bring properties to life with lasting beauty and functionality.

Customer-Centric Focus:
Customers are not just clients; they're an integral part of our Northshore family. We are dedicated to providing an experience that resonates with warmth and respect. Transparent communication, active listening, and a genuine desire to fulfill our customers' aspirations define our interactions.

What Makes Us Unique at Northshore Gutters & Patios, LLC

Fusion of Legacy and Innovation: Our roots trace back to 2002 when we began as a secondary business. Over the years, we've seamlessly blended our legacy of hard work and dedication with innovative approaches, ensuring that tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously in all we do.
Personalized Family Approach: As a family-owned enterprise, our customers aren't just patrons; they become part of our extended family. This closeness allows us to infuse each project with a personal touch, fostering genuine connections that extend beyond transactions.
Strength Forged Through Adversity: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we rose as a symbol of resilience. Adapting and evolving through challenges, we've emerged stronger and more capable, ready to provide steadfast support even in the face of uncertainty.

Who we are

In the beginning our business was originally a secondary business to our main business "Manzella Collision Center", Northshore Gutters was originally founded in 2002. After selling our primary business Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and that's when this business started to take off. Owners Anthony and Karen Manzella of Loranger, Louisiana have 3 sons (Anthony, Aaren, and Alex) who all learned and worked for the business throughout their lives. Alex our youngest son was the one who found the passion for it and decided to keep the family business going. God has blessed our family and business throughout the years, but we wouldn't have been this successful without the trust and support from our surrounding communities. Thank you all for your business.

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