Screen Enclosures

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Versatile Screen Enclosures for Residential and Commercial Properties

Northshore Gutters & Patios, LLC is your go-to destination for adaptable screen enclosures designed to enhance both residential and commercial properties. Whether you're envisioning a private backyard oasis or a functional outdoor space for your business, our screen enclosures provide the ideal solution. Discover how our expertise can elevate the comfort and aesthetics of your property, no matter its purpose.

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Outdoor Bliss: Screen Enclosures

Full Screen Enclosures (Top to Bottom Screen)
Uninterrupted Views:
Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without compromising on comfort or protection from pests.
Total Enclosure:
Our full-screen enclosures envelop your space from top to bottom, creating a serene haven shielded from insects and debris.

Screen Enclosure with Kickplate (16in - 20in from Ground to Top)
Enhanced Privacy:
The addition of a kickplate provides an extra level of privacy while maintaining an open-air feel.
Optimal Ventilation:
The elevated kickplate design ensures proper air circulation, creating a comfortable environment.

Insulated & Non-Insulated Kickplate Options
Climate Control:
Insulated kickplates offer temperature regulation, while non-insulated options provide open-air comfort.
Customized Choices:
Tailor your enclosure to suit your preferences, whether you prioritize insulation or open space.

French Doors (Optional)
Elegant Entry:
Add a touch of sophistication with optional French doors, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces.
Personalized Access:
French doors provide a convenient entry point while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your enclosure.

Multiple Color Options
Reflecting Your Style:
Choose from a range of colors to harmonize your enclosure with your property's exterior.
Integrated Design:
Our color choices ensure that your screen enclosure becomes a natural extension of your home.